Course: Bible Study
Grade Level:
Day/Time: Wednesday 7:40am – 8:55am
Instructor: Marissa Kuntze – Trained Precept Instructor
Cost: FREE for any registered and accepted HHL young man or lady. The only cost will be the books, which is $19 (for both) + tax at Precept Ministries
Book: That I May Know Him (Philippians/Colossians), ISBN# 978-0-7369-0809-2, Product Number: 21627 and Free from Bondage God’s Way (Galatians/Ephesians), ISBN# 978-0-7369-0800-9, Product Number: 21626. Order at Precept online or stop by their bookstore.
Description: Once again we have partnered with Precept Ministries to introduce the inductive method of studying God’s Word. The inductive Bible study curriculum not only teaches students the Word, but teaches students how to mine truth in the Word.  We’ll immerse ourselves in God’s Word by studying the letters of the New Testament, focusing on Galatians, Ephesians, Philippians and Colossians. If time permits, we will also study Philemon. Through the inductive method of observation, interpretation, and application, we will use Observation Worksheets and the New Inductive Study Series. Review games, quizzes, memory verse work, projects and weekly homework will help students remember what they’ve read and discussed in class. This will encourage students to develop a passionate love for God and for other people, discover what authentic love looks like in the church and workplace, how to mend relationships, and the matchless freedom that is ours in Christ. Each study is laid out for a 7-day devotional time to think, pray, mark key words and phrases, and prepare the student to come back to class for discussion and additional learning. PowerPoint will be utilized for cultural and archeological discovery pertinent to the time period. This is a FREE course being offered on a first-come first-serve basis to any accepted HHL middle school student. Spots are limited to ensure optimal class size and teacher-to-student ratio. For more information on Precept Ministries, visit their website.

Course: Study Hall
Grade Level:
Day/Time: Wednesday 9:00 – 10:30am (This section is full) OR 10:40am – 12:10pm (This section is full) OR 12:35 – 2:05pm  (This section is full)
Cost: $14 per month (no registration fee)
Description: This opportunity is only available to students who have a class before AND after the study hall. If your child has a break in-between classes that is longer than our 10 minute transition (not including the lunch hour), and you would like for your child to stay on campus, you must register for a corresponding study hall. It is our hope and desire for the student to make the most of this occasion, using the time to study diligently, take a mental break, or read quietly. Your child will have plenty of time for lunch (12:10 – 12:35) either before or after the study hall. No instructor is listed, though we will have HHL staff supervising the study hall.

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