Course: Biblical Worldview – Understanding the Times (spring semester only)
Grade Level:
 10-12 (advanced 9th graders may register)
Day/Time: Wednesday 2:15 – 3:45pm
Instructor: Meleah Smith
Cost: $57 per month + $20 registration fee
Book: Understanding the Times: A Survey of Competing Worldviews, by Dr. Jeff Myers and David A. Noebel (hardback, 2015 Ed.), ISBN # 1434709582.  You can purchase this book at or Amazon.
Description: The goal of this class is to help students learn to think, be aware, and engage the world around them with hope and truth. This class will outline the differences between Christianity and the other prominent worldviews in our culture and globally. Some of the issues covered include: abortion, the arts, biotechnology, cults, euthanasia, leadership, radical feminism, the problem of evil, religious pluralism, scriptural reliability, and more. On a broader scale, students will delve into Postmodernism, Secular Humanism, parts of New Age and Islam. In a time when more than half of all Christians lose their faith in college, this class is aimed at building students up in their faith and also preparing them to defend their Christian worldview against all its competitors.

Course: Logic
Grade Level:
 adv 7-10
Day/Time: Wednesday 9:00 – 10:30am
Instructor: Peter Bradshaw
Cost: $57 per month + $30 registration fee
Book: An Introduction To Traditional Logic: Classical Reasoning For Contemporary Minds, by Scott M. Sullivan (Paperback – 2005), ISBN# 1419616714. Order at Amazon or AbeBooks.
Description: Often, the conclusion one comes to has very little to do with the thoughts that came before it. This course in Traditional, Aristotelian, Common Sense Logic, will give students the tools to understand what constitutes a truly logical conclusion. After learning about the three acts of the mind and how one moves from understanding ideas to making arguments about the Truth, students will continue on, putting various types of argumentation into practice. In addition, students will learn to recognize and avoid commonly used logical fallacies. They will also learn how to structure a logically sound essay which could be adapted to be used in any other subject of learning. Throughout this course, students will learn that bickering is a very different thing from arguing, because arguing is based on “reason,” and ought to be done with kindness and love.

Course: Speech and Rhetoric (fall semester only)
Grade Level:
Day/Time: Tuesday 8:20 – 9:50am
Instructor: Kim Tisdale
Cost: $57 + $20 registration fee
Book: Speak Out! by Collins, Wendy C. Gary C. Collins Publishing. Visit Quality Speech to order.
Description: Good communication skills are vitally important. This class takes an exciting approach in studying effective research, writing, and delivery methods for students’ original speeches as well as teaching students to select, prepare and deliver quality oral interpretation presentations-all from a Biblical point of view. Students begin with developing their skills using the words of other writers, and then progress to discovering, researching and defending their individual positions in their own original speeches.  Instruction will center on the various types of informational and persuasive public speaking, methods of oral interpretation, and utilizing Biblical perspective in communicating.